Wonderful to celebrate the years!

It’s always wonderful to celebrate the years an individual has been on this earth with many trials, tribulations, laughter, blessings, success, tears, pain, good, bad and indifferent. As I reflect on the past 39 years I have come to realize that I am barely getting started to fulfill my dreams to move forward and live truly to who I am to never apologize for my beliefs. In the essence of life never forget all the humble beginnings for I am filthy rich in love from my crazy family! Yes many say’s money, but when you are rich in love all the monies in the world will follow! ‪#‎reclaimourteens‬ ‪#‎juzzgorgeous‬ ‪#‎mariefale‬ ‪#‎lovelife‬ ‪#‎love‬

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