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January 23,2016

Transitional Journeys in Life

June 15th, 2015

Reclaim Series Intro – Open House

Join Us!

Marie F. Ale, CEO & Founder of Juzz Gorgeous, LLC & Dr. Melinda Richardson of Chirotrition for a relaxing evening of information and relaxation. Learn more about what each of these amazing ladies does to make the lives of the people they work with better. You will recieve a free 10 minute personal consultation with each Host, when you attend.

About Dr. Melinda

Dr. Melinda V. Richardson, Wellness Consultant, Chiropractor
CEO & Founder of Chirotrition Holistic Wellness Preventative and Natural Healthcare with Restorative Posture and Nutritional Replenishing Systems. Local Representative for The Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a non-profit , Speaker and Community Educator in local churches, businesses and for groups. Providing wellness screenings, blood pressure screenings, stress screenings and numerous other programs to assist communities to maintain their health.

Chirotrition Holistic Wellness

1706 Willow St Suite B, San Jose, California 95125

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June 28th, 2015

All About you Workshop

















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August 1, 2015

Reclaim Our Teens

Join us for this one of a kind interactive solutions based event, Parents come and see what is blocking the quality commutnication you need with your teens.

Reclaim our Teens



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September 20th 2015


Let’s focus on us again!

Has work, family, community gotten in the way of enjoying eachother?

“Has your lifestyle changed”

It’s an exciting time to reflect on these past months and perhaps years in order to jumpstart your 2016 goals.

Come out and take a minute or two to get rejuvenated from work, family, children, marriage, relationships, partnerships and bills! Let’s find out how we can adapt regardless of the income you’ve made or currently making and let’s learn how we can strengthen our marriage, relationships and let’s connect with those who matters in our lives!

Please note: I am not doctor nor psychologists but a mommy who has 8 children, 8 granbabies and have been married twice with a divorce *funny story here* I have seen the mountain top and also have experienced the pits of hell.

Come find out how I and We overcame the crazy life you come to experience when you get married or in a relationship or partnership!

More Details to follow, We have big plans in the works!!!


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May 16, 2015

Women’s Reclaim Retreat

womens reclaim retreat flyer

















March 10, 2015     Let’s Meet, Greet & Network     Castro Valley Carrow’s     6pm-8pm


Who Can Attend:

It’s open to everyone from business savvy men and women to independent consultants or if you’re looking to learn how to start your own business or simply being in the know of what resources are available to you from various industries of those who stepped out on their own.


We all have started from somewhere, this MeetUp would give us the opportunity to work smarter not harder for someone may know of someone that has someone – catch my drift? 🙂 WIIFM: (What’s In It For Me) in case The chance to share your company, products and services with others. It doesn’t take a bunch of people to put the word out, it’s about meeting the right individual.

Please rsvp for space is limited but if we get more inquiries we may have to move to a larger venue to accommodate! Also please support Carrows Restaurant in purchasing a drink, coffee and or a meal during our meetUp. Bring your marketing and business cards to share.

Thank you this event is being hosted by: Juzz Gorgeous, LLC by Marie F. Ale

 March 11, 2015     Castro Valley Rotary

Guest Judge for National High School Speaking Contest

March 28, 2015     Reclaim our Teens     India Community Center, Milpitas, CA      12pm-3pm
Reclaim our Teens4

 Tickets on Sale Here

What is the “Reclaim Our Teens” about?
Parents get dialed in on your teen!

What to expect?
Parent & Teen Communication Development
Raise awareness on teen secret society
Social Media Awareness
Parent & Teen Games
Teen Speakers
Guest Speakers
Teen workshops and more………

Speaker Credentials
Marie F. Ale CEO & Founder of Juzz Gorgeous, LLC, & Executive Admissions Advisor for Heald College
A wife, a mother and grandmother to 8 children. She has worked in corporate for over 20+ years holding various positions from Business Management, Sales Executive, Consultant, Recruiting who is a top producer in all positions being held in both corporate and the education sector to becoming a CEO&Founder of her own company.

Her passion about presenting such event on Reclaiming our Teens is very dear to her heart given she was a teenage mom at the age of 15 years old who had to juggle it all on her own feeling misunderstood and judged.
Marie may not hold a doctrine, PhD and or a psychologist degree but she brings real world experience who has been successful in overcoming adversity as a parent.

This event may or may not change your lives but it will change your perspective on how you may perceive the warning signs on what is going on with our youth. If you are curious, wondering, optimistic or even skeptical – Than join us! Check it out for yourself!

They say, Knowledge is Power, however she believes being AWARE is Powerful!

Register today! If you are looking for a counseling session this is not for you, but if you are looking for solutions and tips from real world experiences – We will see you there!!

May 20, 2015    Attracting Quality Employees – Location TBD – 8am -10am

Candidates are more than their resume!

More Details Coming Soon!!