Transitional Journeys in Life

2016 Theme: Transitional Journeys in Life
Why, When, Where, What, Who and How?
These are the key focus as we kick off our first introduction for the year!
Platform & Solutions:
Why do we go through so many transitions in life?
  * Career
  * Personal
  * Family
  * Relationships
  * Forgiveness
  * Tragedies
  * Hardships
  * Adversity
  * Self Awareness
  * Being a WO-MAN
When we do transition in our lives, do we even know that it’s happening? Can we embrace it? Have you noticed? Acknowledged it?
We will not cover all these topics in one kick off but it’s a glimpse of what my seminars/workshops will be for 2016! Yes, just a glimpse
Workshop sign ups will be available to purchase at our kick off introduction by packages or individually. I also do a free 10 minutes consultation on fashion, make up, inspirational and motivational sessions or book me for a bi-monthly coaching from yours truly! I have excellent packages for 1 hour sessions twice a month coaching customized for you! Ask us about our rates for 6 months or annual membership.
Some of you I’ve had the pleasure to work with and would appreciate reviews/comments on my Juzz Gorgeous page!
Thank you all and see you all in 2016!!

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