Public Speaker

Marie is a performance-focused professional with more than 24 years of experience in the Corporate Industry offering: broad-based experience in sales management, business development, b2b sales, staffing, recruiting, strategic planning and analysis, corporate consulting, office management, and customer service. Commended as top-performing profit generator, with track record of success in maximizing sales opportunities and maintaining client relationships.

Corporate Areas of Expertise

▪ Client Relationship Management ▪ Product Training & Placement ▪ Upselling/Consultative Selling

▪ Process & Productivity Improvement ▪ Team Leadership/Training ▪ Presentations & Proposals

▪ Functions Planning & Management ▪ Trade Show Management ▪ HR Policies & Procedures

▪ Prospecting/Cold Calling ▪ Sales & Closing Techniques ▪ Talent Acquisition


Scripts Motivational Inspirational Team development training

Road Map/Blueprint for your team Empower Training

Customer Centric Training

How to penetrate accounts

How to generate Referrals

How to generate leads

Personal Development Leads

Career workshops

How to attract good employees
Personal Areas of Expertise

Relationships/Marriage/Divorce/Parenting/Children/Grandma/Women/Men Empowerment/Family Support/Anger Management/Teenage Mother/Teenage Abuse/Sex/Self Worth/Confidence/Violence/Stand Up-Step UP-Show UP