Me, Myself & I

Seek, Ask & You Shall Find – Welcome to my world!

About Marie F. Ale

Hello, I am Marie F. Ale, an entrepreneurial spirit that could not be contained to work in the corporate world forever without spreading my wings to touch and change many lives globally. I was born in the beautiful Islands of Samoa, landed in Compton, CA and grew up in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley where the technical giants of the world were launched.

business_bgrAlthough, I loved working in the corporate industry with a proven track record of success 23 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Management, Client Services, Education and Coaching it was only due time that I would launch my own company. My yearning as a leader, wife, mommy and glam-ma, “I knew”, I wasn’t done. I wasn’t content with my current accomplishments. Therefore, I made it my mission to seek and find my purpose in life.

radioMariefaleGuess what? “I found it”. My mission and purpose were simple. I am to be in service of other’s by speaking on every platform and stage to empower many lives across the world. I am not a newbie on or off stage, you see……being on stage and in front of an audience is second nature for me, it’s my box. Of course, I  can sing too, but I wouldn’t pay for it nor should you. As a young teenager, I’ve competed in speech contest, talent shows and of course won a few and being a looser on majority of the competitions made me who I am today! In having a better understanding that loosing is not the end of the world but an opportunity to sharpen your skills for a greater return.

Photo Credit: Christon Staples (Pro Athlete/Pro Dunker/Actor)
Red Carpet @ Fox Studios Movie Premiere-Slamma Jamma
interviewSince the launch of Juzz Gorgeous, LLC, I have been interviewed by Katherine Kopa, Casting Producer, BBC Network, Kinetic Content for several reality TV shows and currently a Co-host live every Tuesday nights at 10:40 p.m PST on Sirius XM Radio Ch: 93 iTunes/iHeart Radio Sports Overnight America. In covering red carpet events in the Silicon Valley and Hollywood area while coaching, hosting, presenting and MC for high profile clients in the Entertainment, Sports and Government arena. 

It was by default to fall back into the public and media spectrum given how I got started appearing on calendars and magazines since I was 8 years old. My first cover was for the Tusitala Magazine celebrating American Samoa Flag day in my traditional wear. My next appearance was in the San Jose Mercury Newspaper a few times as an 8th grader advocating for our rights at J.W. Fair Middle School in San Jose, CA, and again when I met Al Gore & former U.S President Bill Clinton in 1999-2000 when he was campaigning for Gore in San Jose, CA along with Mike Honda who is currently US Congressman for District 17. As of July 2015, I was on the local front page again for San Jose Mercury Newspaper while modeling for Saratoga Classic Car Show.
Photo Credit: Mats Gunnarsson Photography

As of July 2016, I was featured and recognized internationally by Suga Magazine to empower women and young girls about beauty/fashion in the South Pacific region.  Needless, to say I was meant to be here where I am now. Of course, it wasn’t all peaches and cream per say, I have overcame many obstacles, trials and tribulations in my life that successfully I can change a life one day at a time.
Article by Chief Editor – Celia Sagotesugamagazine

I am absolutely grateful to my Lord, Savior Jesus Christ for his unconditional blessing upon me for he knows what’s best and yes I believe in walking by faith not by sight! 

Last but not least about me, the most rewarding work and passion of mines is by volunteering my time to be CHEF MARIE or in the community investing my sweat equity to lead by example to serve wholeheartedly! I am a firm believer, that we must lead by example. It is with great pleasure to serve the homeless by preparing hot meals every 3rd Sunday monthly in the East Bay through Cross Street Ministries going on 4 years strong of service!


Which brings me to you! Let us handle all of your production events, speaking engagements, training or coaching for your organization! Why wouldn’t you want someone who is diverse and dynamic with a long history of credibility to represent you in public, audience or to your clients? I would love the opportunity to work with you!