Love one Another

Never underestimate another because they are down because everyone has a story! I can’t wait to kick start a dream I’ve had since I was a teenager for the homeless! It’s within God’s will that it will happen for his already aligning the right people to execute this dream in a big way! My brothers and sisters whom are out there in the streets or displaced or has no home to go too….my heart is with you all!! It’s easy for another to call them names or go get a job instead of asking for money but you must think we live in a very judgemental world…Would you give someone a job if there clothes are dirty or smelly? The answer would be NO! So next time you judge please give yourself a self check! It’s rude to call a homeless person a Bum!! Living in the streets or under the bridges is no place for an animal..why would it be ok for a human being…Everyone deserves a chance? #randomthoughts #loveothers #loveoneanother #actofkindness #godstrong #MarieFAle #JuzzGorgeous

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