Just Confirmed Sharon Tom, Ohana Resource Group will be one of our Guest Speakers at Reclaim our Teens!!

We are very please to announce that Sharon Tom with Ohana Resource Group has agreed to join us for the Reclaim our Teens event on March 28, 2015 in Milpitas, Ca.

Sharon Tom
Family Mediator/Educator

As I looked back on my career path, it became exceptionally clear that my purpose in life was to heal relationships by helping people to communicate and getting in touch with their needs.  I found that during my studies at California State University, San Jose where I received my degree in Business, that I excelled in any course that focused on communications.

After I graduated from San Jose, I entered the world of computers where I focused on training, troubleshooting and analyzing client needs. I loved that job!  I was in an industry that allowed me to help people connect with their inner most needs in order to succeed at their job.  It was here that I noticed that I had the ability to intuitively and empathically pick up on what was going on inside emotionally so that I was able to ask the right questions.  It was my dream job.  However, after 15 years I felt it was time to move on to something more meaningful.

During my journey to opening ‘Ohana Resource Group, I studied other modalities that allowed me to enhance my skills as a communicator.  I spent 12 years working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist where I helped my clients determine the origins of their current behaviors, developed my skills with the Birkman Method™, a personality assessment tool that helped individuals understand the dynamics of the personalities within their circle of relationships, trained as a volunteer community mediator helping others to resolve their conflicts and became a facilitator for the “Becoming a Love & Logic Parent” Program to help families create a more harmonious and loving environment.

What brought me to focus on families was my move to Hawaii.  I found a culture that was so loving, passionate and supportive of each other that I realized that the family structure where this was suppose to be provided for an individual during their developing years had deteriorated through the generations and that rebuilding this foundation was where I wanted to focus my efforts.  Hence, I founded ‘Ohana Resource Group in 2004 to provide trainings and mediations to rebuild the family as a more harmonious, loving and supportive environment.

I have found that when one has found their passion and is living their passion, their life is more joyful and less stressful, causing their relationship with others to be more supportive and loving.  I have found mine!  Let me help you find yours!


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