Our Community Wall

We believe in leading by example and therefore, We at Juzz Gorgeous, LLC along with our CEO/Founder Marie F. Ale are consistently out in the field to be in tune with the community in building relationships or to volunteer our time to serve. Our team is currently in the start up phase in launching our own Non Profit Organization specifically to reduce homelessness in our cities locally as a pilot prior to launching nationwide. Our very own Marie F. Ale dedicates her time monthly to prepare hot meals for the homeless on a monthly basis for the past 4 years and continuing. As a teenager, she’s always wanted to build a shelter to house the homeless be able to provide empowering motivational and inspirational workshops to get those who have lost their way to whatever circumstances they faced back on their feet. As she launched Juzz Gorgeous, LLC it’s with hopes that she can turn revenue or profits to build such dream and today she has assembled a small team to make this dream a reality.

Her non profit organization’s name will be JuzzGetback 2Life and in the process to file their 501c3, however funding is a bit tight. Nevertheless, she believes once JG, LLC takes off they can at least utilize the network she’s created to assist in getting JGB2Life to kick start! Her vision is absolutely valid in her mission. JuzzGetback 2Life’s website will be coming soon once they have raised enough funds or obtain volunteers specializing in certain area’s in order for the kick start project to take off. Should you want to contribute to our cause by donation or time, please email us at marie@juzzgetback2life.gmail.com

Otherwise, enjoy our Community Wall, where we will keep you updated in Keeping Up with the JG, LLC team!