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A Certified Life Coach Conducting Training Workshops for Corporate and Women Empowerment. Also Selling Activewear Apparel and Beauty Accessories.

Certified Life Coach in Business, Personal, and Family Development

In order to speak, inspire and motivate others, we must have love, passion, integrity, ethics, and empathy to empower the world to be courageous by utilizing our voice. The life development coach at Juzz Gorgeous, LLC teaches you how to do it.

We handle all live, televised productions, onstage speaking engagements, red carpet coverage, hosting, and coaching, where we send you the best of the best to assure you're corporation is being represented professionally. We understand the challenges in developing partnerships domestically and globally.

Therefore, we send our very own CEO & Founder Marie F. Ale who is an elite top-notch professional motivational speaker and TV host across all lifestyle platforms, to captivate the audience in order to execute your message effectively. Her proven dynamic and diverse track record in the Corporate arena from the Silicon Valley hub of high-tech industry for over 23+ years of experience in coaching, developing, and managing successful teams has made her the best of the best on stage and off stage!

Marie F. Ale

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