About Juzz Gorgeous

Juzz Gorgeous, LLC is a 100% minority woman-owned company. A Luxurious Lifestyle Athleisure Activewear & Beauty Brand. We are diverse, dynamic and a consumer centric focused entity acknowledging that all women are gorgeous.

Empowering women of all sizes, shapes and background with love that each of us are uniquely wonderfully made to feel comfortable in what we wear daily!

We believe that the most constant in our lives is change and we understand the magnitude of changes within our bodies as we journey through life.

Therefore, we empower you to embrace your body as we provide high-end top notch quality activewear to compliment your lifestyle because "WE ARE JUZZ GORGEOUS".


"Empowering All Shapes To Be Juzz Znatched With Love"

About Our Founder

Hello, I am Marie F. Ale, an entrepreneurial spirit that could not be contained to work in the corporate world forever without spreading my wings to touch and change many lives globally. Although I loved working in the high-tech corporate industry with a proven track record of success, 26+ years of experience in Senior Management, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Client Services, Education, and Coaching, it was only due time that I would launch my own company.

As a Mommy of 7 and a Glam-Ma of 7 it was no surprise that I would set off on my own to share my personal and professional experiences to equip women that our journeys in life matters. As an Agent for Change in many lives, I desired to bring forth the full package with fashion. After all, I did name my company Juzz Gorgeous.

As of May 2021, It was go time, I'll spare all the details and in November 2021 JUZZ GORGEOUS went "LIVE" on Amazon to empower women from all walks of life, that our bodies are extraordinary.

I understand first hand the magnitude of changes that our bodies undertake within our journey and we need to be reminded about our self worth, value, beauty, strength and to feel fabulous in what we wear daily!  Therefore, I have designed a fashionable high-end, top notch quality activewear and beauty brand to shape, support and compliment a woman's body and lifestyle comfortably.