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In order to speak, inspire and motivate others. We must have love, passion, integrity, ethics and empathy to empower the world to be courageous by utilizing our voice.

About Juzz Gorgeous, LLC

Juzz Gorgeous, LLC is 100% woman owned based company that focuses on the needs of our clients by utilizing the unlimited resources of technology to keep us connected globally. We provide on stage public services and client centric coaching nationally and internationally catering to high profile clients in Corporate, Government, Education, National Sports, Entertainment, Celebrities, Small Business, Entrepreneurs and Non Profit Organizations.

We handle all live, televised productions, on stage speaking engagements, red carpet coverage, to hosting and coaching where we send you the best of the best to assure you’re corporation is being represented professionally. We understand the challenges in developing partnerships domestically and globally.

Therefore, we send our very own CEO & Founder Marie F. Ale who is an elite top notch professional in Speaking and TV hosting across all lifestyle platforms to captivate the audience in order to execute your message effectively. Her proven dynamic and diverse track record in the Corporate arena from the Silicon Valley hub of high-tech industry for over 23+ years of experience in coaching, developing and managing successful teams has made her the best of the best on stage and off stage!

As an added bonus, she is a Certified Life Coach, an Entrepreneur that believes in the value of business partnerships along with a strong network built on relationships! She is passionate about being in service of others and we couldn’t possibly contain her to focus on one specialty. She has broken all the rules and has stepped out of the box and from the corporate world to pursue her passion to become the voice for organizations professionally and personally. She is a free spirited individual that is multi-talented with an astonishing years of experience with a background that showcases her leadership skills in any environment.

At, Juzz Gorgeous, we are very well versed in all platforms of productions, from live venues, on stage, off stage, reporting, speaking, interviewing, judging, hosting or live televised events! We are armed and dangerous to represent your brand with poise and professionalism to exceed your expectations!

Our Skills & Services

Client Centric Coaching


High Profile Confidential Coach


Public & Keynote Speaker


Motivational & Inspirational Speaker


National On Stage Presenter & MC


TV Presenter & Radio Host


Celebrity Judges & Appearances


Media & Public Communication


Business & Personal Development


Reporter for Red Carpet


Web TV Host


Beauty & Fashion Consulting


Community Advocate & Volunteer


Our Awesome Team

Marie F. Ale

Founder, CEO

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Transitional Journey’s in Life

Life, itself is a Journey and every transition in our past, present or future consists of Change! The majority cannot adjust, some may be able too and many are afraid due to the unknown of what the future holds. Of course, if we all had a magic crystal ball or a mirror to tell us our future, perhaps then we will be more driven to take the leap of faith for a better quality of life because of the end results.

Unfortunately, any results driven mission requires sweat equity and a constant strong mind to be self motivated in order to reap the rewards of hard work or the fruits of your labor. At Juzz Gorgeous, we specialize in customizing workshops and seminars for groups, NP organizations, Small Business and Fortune 100-500 companies.

We cover many topics from business development, sales, marketing, leadership, media, public communication and employee empowerment. In the private sector we cover topic that impacts men and women lives on a daily basis from relationship building, reclaiming your life, transitional journeys in life and how to love yourself unconditionally without feeling selfish.We are here to serve you and therefore, we can create a curriculum that meets your needs and a topic of choice.


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